Research publications

  • Beyond the Picturesque
    Author(s): Steven Jacobs (Editor) Frank Maes (Editor)

    The term ‘picturesque’ refers to a certain kind of landscape that was considered suitable as a subject for a painting, as well as to a part of reality that could be looked upon as if it were a painting. It is remarkable that a lot of contemporary artists are fascinated by the hybrid landscape in which the differences between centre and periphery, between city and countryside and between nature and culture are no longer clearly defined. Furthermore the present natural landscape is to a large extent and on a global scale colonized and domesticated by means of a worldwide spread of images in the form of works of art and all kinds of media images of landscapes in film, television, tourism, etc.

    The exhibition curated by Jacobs and Maes in the S.M.A.K. wanted to investigate how the concept of ‘the picturesque’ can still (or again) be applied to artistic interpretations of the present landscape. This book presents 198 images and texts of several authors.

    • Department(s):
    • Language: Engels
    • Publisher: S.M.A.K.
    • Date of publication: 2009
  • Moments Before the Flood
    Author(s): Carl De Keyzer (photographs), David Van Reybrouck (introduction)

    • Department(s): film, photography and drama
    • Language: Dutch / English
    • Pages: 272
    • Publisher: Lannoo
    • Date of publication: 2012
    • ISBN: 978 94 014 0025 1, NUR 653
  • Picturesque
    Author(s): Jan Kempenaers

    Book with 45 landscapes and architecture photographs by Kempenaers. This book, together with his previous book Spomenik (2010) present the results of Kempenaers' practice based research on 'contemporary picturesque'. Dirk De Meyer, quoted from this book: "Yet, even when gratifying due to their composition and "their living tints and endless varieties", Kempenaers' photographs of landscapes altered by man forestall the nostalgia that has, over time, become typical for the picturesque. They force the viewer to remain in the present and think about its conditions and its future, and about the forces threatening our environment. Using Gilpin's topoi of the picturesque - which, by now, are themselves 'classical' - Kempenaers' images confront us with the picturesque's slightly disconcerting aspects. As one visitor of the 1975 New Topographics exhibition at the George Eastman House observed, the photographs on display were saying "This is it, kid; take it for its beauty and its ugliness.""
    Design: Roger Willems

    • Department(s):
    • Language: Engels
    • Pages: 80
    • Publisher: Roma Publications
    • Date of publication: 2012
    • ISBN: 978 90 77459 74 4
  • Scattering of the Fragile
    Author(s): An van. Dienderen / Lisa Spilliaert

    This book is based on the short film 'Cherry Blossoms' by An van. Dienderen, filmed on location in the European Parliament in Brussels. The film deals with an interpreter who tries to translate a documentary about Japanese Harajuku youth subcultures. The selection of stills presented in the book emphasizes cinematic references with a sequential character, picturing the trials of the actress rehearsing and the hors champ presence of the film crew. Attention is given to the cross-overs between translation and interpretation, between documentary and fiction, between representation and abstraction, and between research and research results. A remarkable essay by writer and filmmaker Trinh T. Minh-ha accompanies the images.

    • Department(s):
    • Language: EN
    • Pages: 82
    • Publisher: AraMER
    • Date of publication: 2013
    • ISBN: 978-94-9069-391-6
    • Selling price: 19,50 euro