Research results and publications

An overview: Pure

Research in the arts results in artistic productions, theoretical publications, master classes, workshops and symposia. The Pure database provides an overview of these. You will also find more information there about ongoing and completed research projects, and about our researchers’ expertise.

Artistic productions

Excellent artistic work should find its way into the art world, outside the research context of the studio or the school. To this end, our artist-researchers collaborate with well known (inter)national organizations. In this website’s calendar section, you will find exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances, film screenings etc. that have evolved from our research projects.

Books and CDs

It goes without saying that research in the arts also yields theoretical or reflective results. As is the case with more traditional research disciplines, this output appears in the form of (scientific) articles in (academic) publications, or in book format, aimed either at a specialist or at a wider audience. KASK & Conservatory stimulate the publication of artistic research, and have therefore created the AraMER (Artistic Research Archive) label with specialist publisher MER. AraMER is an international platform for the publication and distribution of the results of research in the arts. The marvelously designed books of researchers that have appeared in the past two years can be viewed and ordered via the AraMER website, or purchased on the Bijloke campus. Some of the creations and concerts of the researchers from the music creation and classical music departments can be found on CDs that are also available on campus.

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