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Start of the academic year

The academic year starts for all students on September 27. Check your schedule in Asimut.


You can enroll online for a professional bachelor programme or complete enrolment after you’ve passed the admission tests succesfully. More info here.

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Because of its rich history and its almost archetypal imagery, painting claims a key place within the free arts. The openness and interconnectedness between the five pathways of the liberal arts guarantees a constant mutual interest and questioning. This is particularly crucial for painters. Painting is not only a discipline with a great tradition. We also give it a topical urgency and give it a place in the field of contemporary visual arts. The specificity of the discipline is central to this.

In the painting programme, learning techniques is embedded in an involved and critical approach to one’s own visual language and tradition. Particular attention is paid to the technology of painting, but the student looks for more than just painting solutions. Throughout the process, he must also become aware of the place of painting in art history and in today’s artistic practice.

Regular shows give the students the opportunity to present their work and to think about the way in which their work can be made public. These moments are well prepared and discussed by students and teachers and are a great help in the development of the artistic personality.

From the start, each student is encouraged to find their own way through the development of their own visual language in dialogue with examples from the distant and recent past. This is done in the first bachelor through observational exercises and working towards classical and modern masters at the MSK Ghent.

The painting trajectory expects students to develop their own critical way of thinking because this is crucial for the development of a sustainable independent practice.

Wanting to know what painting can be and how things are done, wanting to see, expand and intensify perception; that is the purpose of the painting major. This requires great curiosity and a lucid, intelligent attitude. The students can count on an exceptional team of motivated teachers, who are themselves active as artists.


Paul Casaer
Raphaël Dua
Hadassah Emmerich


Vincent Geyskens
Pieter Mathysen
Carlo Mistiaen

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