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european postgraduate in arts in sound (EPAS)

EPAS is a one year intensive education in the crea.tive potential of sound both of itself and as part of a multi media practice. You can apply for this course if sound is part of your artistic practice and you want to deepen this aspect. The course is organised every two years. A bachelor’s degree is required in order to be admitted.

While there are countless courses teaching how to interpret visual information, from medieval painting to modern advertising, sound is a relatively unexplored field of study. And, although academic studies do explore the theoretical and conceptual sides of audio production, sound is generally considered a technical, rather than aesthetic, subject. EPAS aims to address this imbalance through an integration of practice and theory continuously fed by theoretical, critical and conceptual thinking. This way, participants will be able to explore sound as a discipline in itself as well as in relation to screen production, dance, theatre, radio, architec.ture and other arts and media.

We strongly believe that this can be achieved most effectively in an international context taking full advantage of the diversity of research and wor.king practices across Europe and assimilating them into one educational programme.

The innovative curriculum emphasizes the development of creative practice alongside technical craft and embraces research as essential in supporting creative develop.ment. Created by a consortium of European universities, film schools, art schools and arts organizations, the overall aim of the course is to produce practitioners to work in the creative industries, who are not only highly skilled but also individual, creative, critically aware, innovative and professional approach.

The strength of EPAS is that partici­pants can access the expertise of different institutes and exchange ideas on a European level. Participants will have the possibility to develop their own projects within a mul­ticultural environment, providing them with fundamental insights into the diversity of European thinking.

To enable to combine work and study in this postgraduate, the first semester is organized in 5 modules of 8 or 9 days (two weekends and the week in between). This first semester gives the student the possi­bility to discover, explore the sound field in different disciplines. The modules are inten­sive workshops with guest professors and professors of the different institutes.

Module 1: On Listening. (Listening – Experiential sound)
Module 2: Transmitting an experience.
Module 3: Sound and space.
Module 4: On audiovisual composition.
Module 5: Personal research and project.

The modules of the first semester take place in Ghent. The second module will be organized in Amsterdam. In the second semester the participants work in one of the partner institutes to develop and finish their personal final project. The participants will obtain a certificate upon completion of the programma, issued by the organising partners of EPAS. The programme is English spoken.

EPAS is a collaboration between KASK en Conservatorium Gent and Nederlandse Film Academie ( The Netherlands) with support of European partners as UDK, Berlin; Edinburgh University College of Art; ENSA, Bourges; CRiSAP, London.

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