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Start of the academic year

The academic year starts for all students on September 27. Check your schedule in Asimut.


You can enroll online for a professional bachelor programme or complete enrolment after you’ve passed the admission tests succesfully. More info here.

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soloist classical music

You graduated as a master in music but you are still looking to improve your skills? At the heart of our Post Graduate programme in Soloist Classical Music lies just such a desire for excellence.

As performing artist you engage both individually as well as an ensemble member into a well defined one year programme. You are coached by musicians of the conservatory who are specialised in performance practice, musicology and artistic research.

At the start of the programme you set-up a research project that helps you focus on the interpretation and performance practice of old or new music. You specialise in the developping and testing of new performance methods based on the latest scientific and artistic research. Moreover, you actively participate in the artistic field. To that purposes the school of arts will introduce you in its extensive network of professional partners by means of an internship. You furher broaden the perspective of your own research project by attending specific research seminars.

Already professionally active? No problem: our slim yet intensive Post Graduate programme can be easily combined with professional activities.

The programme is open to anyone who is in the possession of a master in music. To enroll you need to pass an admission test, which consists of a short audition (recital) and an informal talk in which you outline the repertoire you want to specialise in.

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