STUDY IN 2020-2021


The 2021
SID-in fair
is online
12.01 – 23.01.21


Info moments

Three times a year we organize an information moment about our programs and majors. If you have any questions about your registration, admission tests, your program, exemptions, the cost of your studies or what you can expect from the coming academic year, you can come to us on that day. Students, teachers of the programs and study track counselors will help you.

  • wo 17.02.2021 / 14:00-17:00
  • za 26.06.2021 / 09:30-12:30
  • za 04.09.2021 / 09:30-12:30

We’ll publish the detailed programme here


Wo 17.02.202114:00 – 17:00

Candidates for the Interior Design and Landscape & Garden Architecture programs can participate in the LIVE moments. On these days, you can experience for yourself what it’s really like to study with us. Highly recommended for anyone considering a professional design education. KASK LIVE takes place on 17.02.2021. Participation in KASK Live is free of charge. Registration is required and can be done via

Open Day

Zo 25.04.2021
10:00 – 17:00

At our annual Open Day, we give you an inside look at the ins and outs of our school of arts. Teachers will answer all your questions. You can explore the campus, dialogue with students and watch or listen to their work. The ideal moment to find out if studying art at KASK & Conservatory is something for you.

With a dose of optimism, we are waiting for the pandemic conditions to decide how we will organize the Open Day in 2021.

Conservatorium Live!

Do you want to study music and prepare extra well for our entrance exams? Sign up for Conservatorium Live! Our instrumental teachers are ready to advise and assist you. They will tell you exactly what to expect from the tests and check whether you are ready for them. In 2021, Conservatory Live! will take place in the spring, between February and April. We will publish more details here soon.

SID-in / Student Information Days

12.01 – 23.01.21

KASK & Conservatorium is represented at the Study Information Days (SID-in’s) organized by the Flemish government for each Flemish province in cooperation with the Centers for Pupil Guidance (CLB). Secondary schools organize classroom visits. On Wednesday afternoon and on Saturday, you can visit the fair individually.

The 2021 SID-in’s will take place entirely online between January 12 and 23. You can register as a prospective student at

More information about the fairs can be found on

You can find the stand of KASK & Conservatoire in Hall 1, booth 15.


Study in 2020-2021

Current situation: code red (until 01.03.2021)

After consultation between the university colleges, the universities, virologists and the Minister of Education, it was decided to remain in code red at least until 1 March. This means that until then, the current organisation of our education and research will be maintained. Your teachers will inform you about what this means for the lessons of the second semester.

The virologists are formal: even with the start of the vaccination programme and the decreasing number of infections, constant caution will still be needed throughout the academic year, certainly in view of the specific role of student life in the evolution of the pandemic. A third wave must be avoided. Moreover, by maintaining the measures for a longer period of time, we want to avoid successive changes of rules and measures and create more stability.

We are aware that 1 March still seems a long way off. No matter how difficult it may be: please continue to respect the measures, for yourself and for others. We realise these are challenging times. However it is important that we persevere. This is the quickest and most effective way to a normal situation.

Take care of yourself and those around you.

Corona codes


Everything is as normal and there aren’t any adjustments.The chance that we are in this color code the upcoming months is relatively small.

Occupancy rate on campus:




The amount of students on campus will be reduced.Everyone will be able to have class at certain moments on campus.Priority goes to all practical courses and courses for new students in the first bachelor yearand master students.

Occupancy rate on campus:


We will attempt to organize the main practice on campus, to the fullest possible extent.Theoretical and auxiliary practical courses will be organized online.

Occupancy rate on campus:
maximum 20%



In consultation with the teachers of each educational program,we will examine which students still have access to the campus.

Occupancy rate on campus:
maximum 10%

Working on campus and corona
Digital Education (in dutch)

Als we overschakelen naar code oranje, zullen alle omkaderende en theorie­lessen digitaal gegeven worden.
Gids: afleggen van digitale examens


Maak nu maximaal gebruik van onze digitale bronnen. Zoeken in onze databanken kan je immers ook van thuis uit. Je kan ze openen via de website Je logt in en installeert de citrix receiver.

Via de ‘+’ aan de linkerzijde op je scherm kan je naar informatie­bronnen gaan en zo de databanken die je wil gebruiken toevoegen en openen.

Info installatie/gebruik apollox
Info gebruik / zoeken in databanken


De wetenschappelijke versie van google, waarbij er enkel in wetenschappelijke teksten wordt gezocht.


  • Beschrijvingen van artikels, catalogi, boeken, doctoraten, … verschenen vanaf 1974
  • Onderwerpen: kunstgeschiedenis, musea/galerijen, kunsttheorie, …
  • Artikels kunnen via IBL worden opgevraagd indien het tijdschrift aanwezig is in België
  • SFX: link naar de bibliotheek waar het tijdschrift te vinden is of full-tekst bestand
  • Full-tekst – Thuis enkel te raadplegen via apollox


  • Meer dan 1800 tijdschriften
  • Artikels van 750 tijdschriften en 220 boeken full-tekst beschikbaar (soms met embargo van de meest recente jaargangen), 63.000 afbeeldingen
  • Onderwerpen: kunstgeschiedenis, hedendaagse kunst, interieurontwerp, film, fotografie, ….
  • SFX: link naar full-tekst bestand of bibliotheek waar tijdschrift te vinden is
  • Full-tekst – Thuis enkel te raadplegen via apollox


  • Meer dan 1 miljoen afbeeldingen, collecties van meer dan 250 musea
  • Onderwerpen: kunst, architectuur, design, toegepaste kunsten, …
  • Hoge resolutie afbeeldingen – Thuis enkel te raadplegen via apollox


  • Databank voor wetenschappers, onderzoekers en studenten
  • Meer dan 12 miljoen diverse wetenschappelijke artikelen
  • Full tekst artikels over muziek
  • Bevat ook partituren – Thuis enkel te raadplegen via apollox


  • Uitgebreide muziekencyclopedie
  • Bevat zowel Oxford Dictionary of Music als Oxford Companion to Music
  • Meer dan 52 000 artikels over geschiedenis en muziekculturen wereldwijd – Thuis enkel te raadplegen via apollox
Quarantaine? (in dutch)

Meld je quarantaine en (eventuele) besmetting via dit formulier en via mail aan

Vermeld steeds je opleiding en klasgroep. Ben je verkouden of heb je andere ziektesymptomen? Neem geen risico: blijf thuis en volg de lessen online. Zo dragen we zorg voor elkaar.

Contact tracing with SAVITAS

Voor contact tracing werken we met SAVITAS, het contact tracing-systeem met QR-codes van HOGENT. Dit laagdrempelig, vrijwillig, anoniem en GDPR-proof systeem vervangt de aanwezigheidslijsten.

Op alle campussen en gebouwen komen er de komende dagen op verschillende plaatsen stickers met QR-codes. Wie die scant met zijn smartphone, wordt daarop anoniem gelogd. Je hoeft daarvoor niets te downloaden, je moet niet registreren en je krijgt geen mail.

Wanneer iemand positief test en rapporteert, zal iedereen die met die persoon in contact kwam een waarschuwing ontvangen bij een volgende scan. Deelname is vrijwillig.

Het systeem kan uiteraard enkel werken als de studenten en personeelsleden er actief gebruik van maken. Meer info over SAVITAS

Welcome guide for new students
Meet the study and learning track coaches (in dutch)

Picking up your syllabi

The course service is available by appointment from 12 November on.

Send an email to to make arrangements about when and how you can get your course in a coronaproof way.

Nieuwsbrief ontvangen?