Openlesdagen muziek

21.02 – 25.02
01.03 – 04.03

Tijdens onze openlesdagen muziek volg je lessen, repetities en concerten mee.Je musiceert samen in een improvisatiesessie of verzamelt kennis en een blik op de toekomst bij een infosessie.

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Pronouns in e-mails

They/them, she/her, he/his…

You might wonder why some people put pronouns in their e-mail signature? By doing this, we clearly indicate how we wish to be addressed in digital communications and subsequent encounters.

There are several reasons why we do this. Pronouns create clarity about our gender identity, but we can also use them to raise awareness about gender identity. By making them explicit, we normalise their use and make it more comfortable for everyone, including trans or non-binary people, to do so.

There are also other reasons to do this, for example in case we have a gender-neutral name and want to avoid misunderstandings.

After all, gender is a spectrum and addresses are not always obvious.

More information about gender and gender identity?

Transgender Infopunt TIP
Information brochure on everything you always wanted to know about transgender

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