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09.12.22—10:00    19th Century Salon - les Salons Bruxello-Gantoises Orpheus Institute / Muziekbibliotheek researchsymposium

Embedding Historical Sources in Modern-Day Performance of Romantic Music

This seminar focuses on the practice-oriented use of historical source material in the performance of music from the Romantic period. Students, teachers and researchers from KASK & Conservatorium (HOGENT - Howest), Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel and Orpheus Instituut will dialogue with external researchers about their experiences, methodologies, research results and findings. This will be done through practice-oriented workshops by international researchers, followed by a round-table conference and a selection of practice-oriented ecture-performances. The study day marks the beginning of the establishment of a cross-high school research group within the field of performance practice of music from the Romantic period.


  • Dr. Inja Stanovic (University of London, pianist, early recording specialist)
  • Dr. George Kennaway (University of Leeds, cellist)
  • Dr. David Milsom (University of Huddersfield, violinist)
  • Dr. Emily Worthington (University of York, clarinet player)
  • Dr. Jeroen Billiet (KCB & KASKConservatorium, horn player)
  • Dr. Aleks Kolkowski (sound artist, early recording specialist)
  • Dr. Tom Beghin (Orpheusinstituut)
  • Researchers from Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel and KASK & Conservatorium (HOGENT - Howest)

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With support of Onderzoeksfonds Erasmushogeschool Brussel, Alliantiefonds HOGENT / EHB, HOGENT Arts Research Fund.

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  • KASK & Conservatorium in co-operation with Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel
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