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30.04.22—11:00    Graduation ceremonies 2020-2021 MIRY Concert Hall

Postponed not cancelled! On Saturday 30 April, we expect the professional bachelors, masters and postgraduate students in MIRY Concert Hall. The ceremonies will be followed by a reception. Teachers are welcome.

Those who cannot attend can follow via livestream (see links below). 

The ceremonies for the academic bachelors will only take place via livestream. 

Some students collected their diploma in the meantime in the student's office. Those who have not yet done so will receive it after the ceremony.  


  • 11:00 Vocational bachelors and advanced bachelors, reception after the ceremony
    Bekijk de livestream
  • 14:30 Academic bachelors, schakel- en voorbereidingsprogramma's, livestream only
    Bekijk de livestream
  • 16:30  Masters, educational master, advanced master and postgraduates, reception after the ceremony
    See the livestream
  • Biezekapelstraat 9, free