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29.10.19—20:00    Naked Lunch (David Cronenberg, 1991, 115’) KASKcinema

The Canadian director David Cronenberg has some red threads running through his oeuvre. His attention to the fragile boundaries of the body gave him the title of master of body horror. Yet his films differ fundamentally from most other horror films by the ways in which Cronenberg allows or does not allow viewers to identify with the characters. In several films, Cronenberg also pays explicit attention to the mass media itself, and more specifically to the ways in which people are brought into other worlds and cannot get out of them (TV in Videodrome, games in eXistenZ).

These red threads are all interwoven in Naked Lunch, Cronenberg's adaptation of William S. Burroughs' novel of the same name. Written under the influence of an entire pharmacy of hard drugs, Burroughs put together a text that was completely cut up, both literally and figuratively, a cocktail of sex and drugs, science fiction and western, aliens and insects. With a fitting lack of respect for the original story, Cronenberg started cutting and pasting himself, adding narrative lines from Burroughs' own life story. The result is an extremely fascinating view of the writing process and the meaning of an adaptation from word to image, an exploration of the relationship between language and body, and how psychosis in turn offers a view of it.

This screening (on 35mm-print) will be introduced by Dries Roelandts and Bert Lesaffer.

  • Gezelschap voor Psychoanalyse en Psychotherapie
  • Godshuizenlaan 2A, €5/3