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10.12.19—18:00    Studium Generale: £¥€$ by Ontroerend goed Zwarte Zaal drama

After the Personal Trilogy (The Smile off your Face, Intern & A Game of You), where your self-knowledge was put to the test one-on-one, and the confrontation with your voting behaviour in Fight Night, this time Ontroerend Goed focuses its arrows on what has real value: Money.

Many experts say that if we all realized what money really means, a revolution would break out. The whole system would implode because the trust, which is essential, would disappear like snow in the sun. Ontroerend Goed invites you to sit down at the table and play the system from the inside out.

  • Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Gent, €8/0