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19.11.19—20:00    Studium Generale: Caroline Strubbe Miry concertzaal


Caroline Strubbe, a 'strong' Belgian film director and screenwriter, takes you on a wonderful trip through what fascinates her, what inspires her, what surprises her.

Caroline Strubbe works on her films in a rather atypical way. She directs with a very open mind. Scenes are not analysed, recorded or measured in a directive. The camera crew doesn't know in advance where the characters will go. Actors are sometimes whispered in to create a totally new energy in the scene on the set. The most beautiful moments of the films have come about because so much has been left open,' she says. Keep looking around. Ideas happen all the time.

Her films are intimate and minimalistic. Melanomen, her first short film, won several awards and her medium film Taxi Driver received a special mention at the Sundance Festival. Her feature debut Lost Persons Area was awarded the SACD Screenwriting Award at the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes. I'm the Same, I'm an Other, the second part of the trilogy, followed in 2014. The last film from this triptych is expected in 2020.

Meet the unexpected, look at the world through the eyes of Caroline Strubbe on this studio evening by talking about passages from Polaroid, the short story she wrote for the studio and fragments from her own work or from films that fascinate her.

  • KASK & Conservatorium i.s.m. TAZ, KAAP, Academia Press en de Auteurs
  • Biezekapelstraat 9, 9000 Gent, €8/0