Corona codes

Current code: RED, updated on 08.12.2020, valid until March 1

GREEN = Normal

Everything is as normal and there aren’t any adjustments.
The chance that we are in this color code the upcoming months is relatively small.
Occupancy rate on campus: 100%

YELLOW = High Density Campus

The amount of students on campus will be reduced.
Everyone will be able to have class at certain moments on campus.
Priority goes to all practical courses and courses for new students in the first bachelor year
and master students.
Occupancy rate on campus: 80%

ORANGE = Medium Density Campus

We will attempt to organize the main practice on campus, to the fullest possible extent.
Theoretical and auxiliary practical courses will be organized online.
Occupancy rate on campus: maximum 20%

ROOD = Low Density Campus

In consultation with the teachers of each educational program,
we will examine which students still have access to the campus.
Occupancy rate on campus: maximum 10%

Calendars & schedules

Academic Calendar 2020-2021

Personal schedule via Asimut

From September 2020, we will use new scheduling software called Asimut. Every teacher and student will be able to check their own personal schedule.

To ease the transition we are still publishing the "classic" schedules in pdf according to programme. Students can expect their personal schedules in the week of September 21. Soon, the "classic" schedules will be deprecated.

Timetables in .pdf (soon to be deprecated)

Master seminars
Minors and electives
Timetables by teacher

Bachelor of Landscape and Garden Architecture
Bachelor of Interior Design
Bachelor and master Audiovisual Arts

Bachelor and master of Drama
Bachelor and master of Music

Bachelor and master Visual Arts

Bridging programme English master

Educational master in arts 
Advanced Bachelor of Landscape Development
Advanced Master Contemporary Music
Postgraduate Musical Performance Practice
Postgraduate Soloist Classical Music
Postgraduate Digital Storytelling
Postgraduate Curatorial Studies

Exam schedules