I want to go abroad as a lecturer

Erasmus+ (EU)

As a lecturer you have the opportunity to go abroad with an Erasmus+ grant. You can decide to teach at one of our Erasmus+ partner institutions (STA or staff mobility for teaching assignment) or follow training or a workshop at a recognized institution (STT or staff mobility for training).

Global Minds (non EU)

School of Arts is together with all other Flemish University Colleges part of the Global Minds programme of VLIR-UOS. This programme runs from 2017 to 2021 and aims not only to build a strong network but also to contribute to a future and better implementation of Development Cooperation in University Colleges and therefore an improvement of Higher Education in the Global South. Its purpose is empowerment and capacity building of Flemish Universities in the context of Development Cooperation and its focus is more visibility of these ongoing projects at University Colleges. 
An XREI grant covers travel and accommodation expenses of University College staff that travel to one of the 19 VLIR-UOS partner countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America for a visit of at least 2 working days (outgoing mobility) or other (incoming mobility). This visit includes at least a meeting between colleagues of a higher education institution (on the campus of a HEI) and an exploration of the cooperation possibilities, but can also be combined with visits to professional organisations such as an NGO, company etc.

For more information on the procedure, grants, tips etc. please contact our International Relations Coordinator.

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