Grants & calls

Erasmus+ grant

The Erasmus programme provides Erasmus+ grants for foreign study and/or traineeship abroad. During your student career, you can only claim one Erasmus+ grant for studying and one Erasmus+ grant for a traineeship. The monetary value of the grants varies annually but fluctuates around 300 euro. The number of grants is limited. Read the procedures carefully before submitting an Erasmus+ grant application if you want to apply for a grant. Application deadline: 25 March preceding the year of your international exchange.

VLIR-UOS travel grant

Those who want to travel to a developing country in the context of their traineeship or Bachelor or Master’s Thesis can apply for a VLIR-UOS travel grant. The following countries are eligible: Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Guinea, Cameroon, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Palestinian Territories, Vietnam, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru, Surinam. There are two calls per year (depending on wether you are planning to go abroad in the first or second semester). A limited number of these travel grants, worth 1000 euro, are available. A HoGent selection committee awards the grants based on several selection criteria. For more information go to this page. If you have concrete plans, it is best to contact the student affairs department. Deadline: 1 September (exchange in Sem 1) or 1 December (exchange in Sem 2).

Erasmus Belgica

It’s not really going abroad but since 2004-2005 you can also complete part of your studies in the French-speaking or German-speaking Community (with a bilateral agreement). This initiative of the Prince Filip Fund wants to stimulate communication and exchange between the various Belgian Communities. This grant is available for both study and traineeship exchanges, and amounts to 100 EUR per month if you are also residing in the French-speaking or German-speaking Community. Application deadline: 25 March preceding the year of your international exchange.

Generic Grant

The Flemish Government provides grants for mobility outside Europe for the purpose of study or traineeships. Students travel to higher education institutions with which their faculty has signed a cooperation agreement. There is a new call each year which you can apply for. These grants are limited in number and vary between 500 and 3000 EUR. Contact the student affairs department for more information. Application deadline: 25 March preceding the year of the international exchange.

ASEM-DUO grants

ASEM-DUO Belgium/Flanders provides grants for the exchange of pairs of students with a partner institution in China, India, Vietnam or South Korea. Grants will amount to 650 euros per month for the Flemish student and to 800 euros per month for the Asian student. Each student will also receive a travel allowance of 1,100 euros. The funding is limited to a maximum of 4 months. A longer stay abroad is possible, but will take place without a scholarship. More info on or via the student affairs department.

Priority Country Program grant

For students who opt for a study/traineeship in Brazil, Japan, Morocco, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, US or South Africa (min. 1 month). No time to lose: if you are interested you will need to send us your final application before 12 March preceding the year of the exchange. Contact the students affairs department for more information.

Traineeship after graduation

Students can do a traineeship abroad up to 12 months after their graduation, provided they have registered on the Reconfirm Traineeship Platform before graduation. More info on or via the student affairs department.

I want to go abroad as a student

Gaining international experience within your study programme is easy at KASK & Conservatory. Since the art field is pre-eminently international, we have an excellent international network with partner institutions and organisations that can help you find your bearings on your artistic path.

During your studies at KASK & Conservatory you can study or do a traineeship abroad for a semester or an entire year. The easiest and most accessible way to do this is via the Erasmus+ programme. You can choose from a list of approved partner institutions. In addition, KASK & Conservatory have several bilateral agreements with institutes outside Europe. The list of our partner institutions and their websites can be found on Chamilo under "studentenaangelegenheden / internationaal". Another option to gain some international experience is in the context of a Bachelor or Master's Thesis.

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