Why going abroad?

KASK & Conservatory does not restrict itself to national borders. Each year scores of foreign students arrive in Belgium to join our bachelor and master’s degree programmes. Interaction with these students and their specific cultural and artistic backgrounds is sure to add an extra dimension to our students’ artistic work.

Within the school’s study programme our students have many opportunities to sample and experience what is happening in international design, architecture, visual arts, audiovisual and performing arts. The various programmes frequently organise visits or participate in fairs, exhibitions and festivals in Belgium and abroad. Visiting lecturers visit our campuses regularly and we invite international experts to share their knowledge.

Students can also choose to complete part of their programme abroad. Thanks to partnership agreements with more than 60 art schools in Europe and beyond, our students can temporarily study at one of our partner schools without having to pay extra registration fees. Many of our students also carry out a work placement abroad. Over the years our degree programmes have built up a database of contacts with foreign organisations, which is updated annually.

Because the school has its own concert hall, exhibition spaces and its own cinema, we are able to show the artistic work of internationally renowned artists. The conservatory likes to invite international musicians and organise exquisite concerts in the MIRY Concert Hall or during festival moments. KIOSK is our modern art space where works by international artists are displayed year-round in solo exhibitions or duo exhibitions. KASK Cinema shows animation films and organises a film programme with a wide view of the world, often linked to lectures and master classes.

One of our priorities is to offer students a broad view of the world and the arts; that’s why we enter into artistic projects with international partners. Our researchers guide the school, instructors and students from near and far via their projects.

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