Hercules Lab

The Hercules Lab is an audiovisual lab for Ph.D. students at KASK & Conservatorium. It originated from the research project 'Ailab' and was supported financially by the Hercules Fund. In addition to a lending service that includes cameras and microphones, there is also a media archive, a montage cell and a 5.1 mixing studio. The lab wants to stimulate practical research into making and experiencing sound in an audiovisual environment. Individual research projects can be worked on but residences and workshops are also organised. The lab is also accessible to KASK & Conservatory students and candidate-laureates at the HISK.


Formlab is a research project that focuses on new technologies to manipulate concrete matter with digital technologies. It is funded by the FWO.
Kunsttoren, 1st floor
Offerlaan 5,
9000 Gent

Voor meer informatie, contacteer Elias Heuninck

Sound Lab

A few years ago, a sound laboratory was founded and equipped for the use of conservatory researchers. In it, precise acoustic measurements and analyses can be carried out, and projects about sound synthesis and the interaction between man and machine can be devised and tested. The sound laboratory’s equipment includes a soundproofed recording space, measurement microphones, analysis apparatus, a multi-channel oscilloscope, Labview, a range of sensors, basic equipment for electronica, and the option to work with micro-processors.

This infrastructure is also used by the acoustics course, as well as being a key part of the equipment for the instrument-making course. In particular, the lab has proved invaluable for the construction and development of new experimental instruments. Knowledge acquired by measurement is the motto.

The lab is situated in the building on the Nederpolder, which also houses workshops for making instruments.