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29.09.23—18:00    Archives in Dialogue: Transnational Solidarity in Cinema KASKcinema filmonderzoek

Transnational Solidarity in Cinema — 18:00

Archives in Dialogue is een openbare ruimte om samen te komen, te delen en te reflecteren op archiefpraktijken, herinnering en kunst. Onderzoekers-archivisten Annabelle Aventurin en Léa Morin presenteren op deze avond hun project Non-Aligned Film Archives. Vertrekkend vanuit onvoltooide films of verloren archieven die in vergetelheid zijn geraakt binnen het dominante narratief van de filmgeschiedenis, is het project een herstellend gebaar om het potentieel van deze werken terug te winnen.

Het project is gemaakt in samenwerking met Open City Documentary Festival en kwam tot stand als artistiek onderzoek aan KASK & Conservatorium. De avond start met een gesprek en zal gevolgd worden door een screening van een selectie films uit de Ciné-Archives en Talitha collective – waarvan enkele pareltjes op 16mm! De thema’s van de avond zijn internationale solidariteit en transnationale samenwerking.

Archives in Dialogue gaat daarna verder in CINEMATEK.

Filmscreenings — 20:30


A film by Mario Marret. Guinée-Bissau, 1966, Digital, 35 min
Nossa Terra is a film of struggle, an emergency film, shot in the middle of guerrilla warfare in the armed conflict for independence, in Guinea Bissau in the mid-1960s. Before being a committed filmmaker, Mario Marret had been a resistance fighter, anarchist activist, radio operator, explorer. Evolving in French anti-colonial activist circles, he approached the PAIGC (Movement for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde), which was then interested in cinema as a fighting tool. He will
be the first filmmaker to go to the maquis.

Alert in Hanoi

A film by Gérard Guillaume. Vietnam, 1972, 12 min, 16 mm
Every morning, the inhabitants of Hanoi surrounds the newspaper seller. everyone is following the continues advancement in the south, where the province of Quang Try is completely liberated. Several times a day, the speakers broadcast an excerpt from a speech recorded by Ho Chi Minh during the first climb. Throughout the city, large panels inform the population, day after day, the film draws a living portrait of a city under attack, showing the resilience of its people, and their believe in victory.


A film by Anonymous Collective France, 1971, 16mm, 16 min
Tens of thousands of Spanish Republicans from all over Europe gathered in Montreuil, at Parc Montreau, on June 20, 1971, demontrating against the General Franco’s dictatorship. In the Park, they listen to Dolores Ibárruri aka la Pasionaria.
The camera acts like one of the people joining the meeting, with the arrival at various Parisian stations, marching the route to the park, with chants, with signs, with clear demands: the end of the dictatorship of General Franco, the support for the struggle of the Spanish communists, the release for political prisoners and amnesty for prisoners and political exiles.

  • KASK & Conservatorium i.s.m. Open City Documentary Festival, Ciné-Archives, Thalita & Cinematek
  • Godshuizenlaan 4, 9000 Gent, gratis