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26.03—27.03.18    Paper kiln for clay barbecue Campus Bijloke - Tuin Louis Van Houtte (zie plattegrond) event

We are burning a ceramic barbecue hoping we will be able to use it afterwards. We are therefore setting a campsite and invite you to participate in the oven construction as well as the over-night firing event. A barbecue party is organised right after the opening of the oven and discovering of the utilitarian sculpture, bring food to roast! If you would like to actively participate in the firing, please contact

Paper kiln for clay barbecue is a project centred around the confrontation between two practices with a mutual component: fire. One comes from the standardised imagery of occidental barbecues and the other from the experimental approach of the ceramic field.

  • Monday 26.03.18 vanaf 10:00: KILN CONSTRUCTION
  • Tuesday 27.03.18: 24H LOOONG FIRING
  • Friday 30.03.18: BBQ PARTY (bring raw food)