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14.02.19—20:00    what are you looking for Campus Bijloke - Drama studio 4 drama

what are you looking for is the result of a four-week workshop with Youness Khoukhou and some Bachelor students Drama and Autonomous Design.

In ‘what are you looking for’ the performers research what it means to move without references.
How can the body become a unified entity with no defined angle or front/rear direction?

The touch, the silence, the rhythm, my rhythm, your rhythm, our rhythm.
The performers use their senses to communicate with themselves, the space and the audience. As a viewer you are constantly researching together with the performers.
Can we sense the body as an experience and not as a fixed form of being?

Instability embodies roundness
Roundness embodies instability
To find what we are looking for?

Directed by: Youness Khoukhou | Created with and performed by: Judith Dhondt, Marius Lefever, Senne Vanderschelden

The performance is playing on:

  • KASK Drama
  • Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2, 9000 Gent, €5 / €3 (reductie) / gratis voor studenten, docenten en alumni KASK Drama, jury