theoretische omkadering van de kunstpraktijkklassieke muziek
Doctoraal onderzoek

Practices in Culture and Development: A comparative study of the role of music in development projects, with a specific interest in music and conflict

  • Onderzoekers: Lukas Pairon
  • Promotoren: Koen Vlassenroot (Universiteit Gent, vakgroep Conflict- en Ontwikkelingsstudies), Rik Coolsaet (Universiteit Gent, vakgroep Politieke Wetenschappen), Esteban Buch (EHESS Paris, Frankrijk)

2012 - 2016


Theme of the project: music and conflict. What is the role and impact of structured music (education and practice) on the development of skills of dialogue and pacification, resilience and/or rehabilitation of young people in regions in conflict or just coming out of conflict? The study is not about music as an instrument to obtain peace, but about what music can do for young people living in a violent surrounding, or to young people having lived through a past of violence. It is not a study about changing outer conditions, but about music as a potential instrument to construct and strenghten personal skills such as the capacity to listen, to dialogue, to make connections, to process complex realities, and to view reality as an interdependent whole. In general, it is a study about the question whether music can enhance the empowerment of young individuals. It is about the potential of music training and practice to make young people strong and non-violent, even if the world they are living in is a violent one. The study will be primarily concerned with longterm and structured music education and practice, in contrast with music being used in punctual short-term occupational or therapeutic interventions or workshops.


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