Veronique Govaert en Bert Lesaffer, ombudspersonen KASK & Conservatorium

Veronique Govaert en Bert Lesaffer, ombudspersonen KASK & Conservatorium

Culture of Care

KASK & Conservatorium wants to create a caring learning and working environment for students and staff. Safety and mutual respect are basic conditions in an environment where students are challenged to develop their artistic vision and personality. Many crucial aspects of art education are only guaranteed if there is a general culture of trust, safety and care.

Engage in dialogue

Does something feel unsafe in your school context? Did someone go beyond your limits or do you feel that you have gone too far yourself? Is there a conflict? By entering into dialogue, we give each other the opportunity to reflect, to explore each other's point of view and to think about different forms of behaviour. When a direct conversation is not an option (anymore) because you don't feel safe and/or the facts are too serious and/or something else prevents it, a conversation with a staff member or fellow student you trust can do you good and help you see things clearly. However, there are also services that you can contact at any time.


In situations between students or between student and teacher you can contact the ombudspersons of KASK & Conservatorium for a conversation in confidence. They listen without judging. Together you look at what the possible next steps are. Each situation is different and requires a tailor-made approach. The ombudsperson only takes further steps with the consent of the reporter.

You can make an appointment with the ombudspersons by mail or phone:

  • Bert Lesaffer /
    0473 97 79 39 
  • Véronique Govaert /
    0474 66 35 01

During the academic year 2021-22, there are also 'open office hours', where you can drop in without an appointment. In the first semester this happened on Tuesday, in the second semester on Wednesday. From January 26, 2022, the ombudspersons will be in the ombuds room (building Pauli, 1st floor, side corridor of researchers, above the resto) every Wednesday between 10:00 and 14:00 and you can drop by without an appointment. Depending on the Corona measures, this may not be done physically, but online. In that case you can talk to Bert or Véronique on Teams.

Student facilities

STUVO, the student services department of HOGENT, is also available for a confidential no-obligation consultation for students. They do not offer therapy themselves, but do help find a tailor-made solution. If necessary, they refer students to a psychologist for a therapeutic programme at a student-friendly rate. STUVO employees are bound by professional secrecy.

Contact: Overwale 42, Gent - 09 243 37 38 -