Geert Dhondt


Geert Dhondt received a comprehensive training as a performing musician (bass clarinet & piano), music theorist (counterpoint & fugue) and musicologist (PhD) at the conservatories of Ghent and Rotterdam and at the universities of Ghent and Paris. Claude Coppens awarded him his first prize in piano. Geert went on to specialise as a bass clarinet player at Rotterdam Conservatoire, where he graduated cum laude as a performing musician in Henri Bok's world-renowned class. In 2002 he obtained a doctorate in musicology from Prof. Herman Sabbe (UGent).

Geert is co-founder of the new music ensemble SPECTRA. As a performer and bass clarinet player he worked with various chamber music groups, and as a pianist-improviser with the Laterna Magica Galanthee Show in Europe and Latin America. He has created over a hundred compositions. In so doing he developed a wide range of artistic activities.

Geert is director of the Stedelijke Academie voor Muziek, Woord en Dans van Deinze. He is a member of various committees and councils in and outside HoGent and is president of the Flanders Symphony Orchestra. In 2014 he wrote Accord Parfait, a book about Claude Coppens that was published by Lannoo.

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