Gert D'Haese


Gert D'haese (b. 1967) studied percussion at the music academy in Lokeren and obtained the governmental medal. He then studied at the Brussels Conservatory with Mr. J.M. van der Veer. Gert François, Robert Van Sice and Bart Quartier, well-known names in the world of percussion. He also took an intensive 2 year course in ethnic percussion with Frank Michiels. He earned first prizes and higher diplomas in percussion and chamber music. During this period he was part of the OXO percussion trio, with which he gave several concerts and recordings on Radio 3. In 1991 this trio became the 2nd laureate of the Orpheus Competition for Contemporary Chamber Music. In the same competition Gert became 1st in the category of soloists in 1993.

During his study Gert gained orchestral experience in the Symphonic Youth Orchestra of Flanders led by Robert Groslot, De Jonge Fylharmonie led by Gilbert Varga, and harmony Sint-Cecilia under the baton of Dirk De Caluwé. He went on to serve as a percussionist and timpanist in various professional orchestras. He has worked with the BRTN-Fylharmonic Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra Flanders, The Philharmonic, I Fiamminghi, The Beethoven Academy, Il Novecento, National Orchestra of Belgium, and numerous chamber orchestras such as Spectra Ensemble, Champs d'Action, Musique Nouvelle, Oxalys . From 1989 to 2005 he was a percussionist in the Night of the Proms in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Germany, where he performed next to pop and rock artists.

He was also active in the orchestra L' Arco Musicale, conducted by Dirk Brossé, which he toured Flanders with several programmes, mainly including music by the conductor himself, such as Artesia, The Birth of Music, Le Soledad, recordings of film music for "Daens" and "Light".

Gert is currently active as a solo percussionist/ 2nd timpanist in the very successful Brussels Philharmonic.

Gert was already interested in conducting at an early age and has been an orchestra leader for 25 years. For example, he was conductor of Youth Harmony St-Cecilea Zele for 5 years. This was followed by the founding of Brassband Zele, where he was conductor for 8 years with many awards: several years of 1st prizes in Vlamo and provincial competitions up to, eventually reaching superior division, 1st prize in 2nd division of the World Music Competition in Kerkrade. He has been conductor of harmony orchestra Kunst en Vreugd Beveren since 2000, with which he promoted to the superior department during the provincial subsidy tournament of 2013. Afterwards they chose to return to the honorary department in order to ensure a smoother transition from youth harmonisation to harmony. This orchestra always guarantees surprising concerts at a high level.

In 2003, Gert was asked by NTGent as artistic director of the music theatre production 'Tijlland.

During his studies and in between his professional activities, he also received additional conducting training: orchestra conducting in Brussels, hafabra conducting in Antwerp with Mr. R.J. van der Veer. Dirk De Caluwé and the management of the orchestra in Ghent under Dirk Brossé.

As an educator Gert has been active as a percussion and ensemble teacher at the academies in Zottegem, Jette and Etterbeek and is currently active in this position at the Stedelijke Academie voor Muziek, Woord en Dans in Sint-Niklaas. In 2006 he became a percussion teacher (timpani and orchestral repertoire) at School of Arts Ghent, Conservatoire Department.

Gert is a member of the Provincial Steering Committee of Vlamo Oost-Vlaanderen and is regularly asked by this organisation to act as a jury member and give workshops.

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