Katrijn Friant


Katrijn Friant holds diplomas in piano and chamber music from the Ghent Conservatory. In Geneva she studied song accompaniment with Dalton Baldwin and Gérard Souzay. She was finalist of the Gunther competition and the Stephan De Jonge competition, and laureate of the Radio 3 Prize for contemporary chamber music.

She gave piano concerts in Europe, Russia and South America, but her true passion lies in vocal music. Already in her student days she started working as a choir conductor. She works as a rehearsal with singers and accompanied Rolande Vander Paal, Françoise Vanhecke, Erika Pauwels, Zeger Vandersteene Jacqueline Van Quaillie, etc.

She worked as a freelancer for LOD music theatre, NTG, Arca, the BRT, Vlaamse Opera, Flanders Symphony Orchestra, Transparant, Operastudio... She teaches didactic methods at the Ghent Conservatory (HoGent) and piano at the urban academy in Deinze.

From 1991 until 13 November 2011 Katrijn Friant conducted the quirky choir Novecanto.

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