Sfeerbeeld Graduation 2020, foto: Cheyenne Dekeyser

Sfeerbeeld Graduation 2020, foto: Cheyenne Dekeyser

Post of Head of Department, KASK & Conservatorium (Dean)

  • 100%
  • Post Reference No. SCH E 176

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this vacancy, you must meet the following entry requirements cumulatively at the time of the deadline for submission of applications for the vacancy as well as at the time of taking up the post:

  • Meet the general requirements of Article V.106, V.107 and V.148 of the Flemish Higher Education Codex of 20 December 2013, concerning eligibility for mandates;
  • Hold a Master’s Degree;
  • Have at least 5 years’ relevant experience in higher education in arts and in the field of arts, music, film, design and/or architecture.

Only applications that meet the entry requirements will be taken into consideration for the next stages of the selection procedure.


KASK & Conservatorium is the school of arts of HOGENT and Howest. The school brings together talented and motivated students with outstanding educators, active artists, designers and theorists in art and design from all over the world. The mission statement of the school defines its main tasks: development of the arts, education and research in an international perspective. In addition, the school of arts is also a cultural actor itself and organises, among other things, exhibitions, concerts, drama performances, festivals, lectures and film screenings. KASK & Conservatorium has two campuses in the heart of Ghent and one in Kortrijk.

The member of staff who exercises the role of Head of Department in accordance with these regulations carries the title of dean.

The Head of Department role is a full-time post.

The term of office of the Head of Department is a period of four years, renewable twice.

The salary level of the role is that of a Head of Department, pay grade A+. 

Dean profile

The dean has a clear insight into the landscape of (arts) higher education and more specifically in the field of art and design. The dean is aware of the power and dynamics of the various players and is able, with a broad and clear vision, to not only inspire the team, but also the students, management and the sector(s). The dean understands the unique role and potential of a School of Arts and identifies routes to further strengthen added value, both nationally and internationally. The dean is a coach and leader who creates the space for staff to be autonomous within a transparent structure.

Duties and responsibilities

General vision and strategy of KASK & Conservatorium:

  • You will take responsibility for further developing and monitoring both the short-term and long-term overall vision and strategy of KASK & Conservatorium, School of Arts of HOGENT and Howest, taking care of the coordination of strategic consultation within the School of Arts.
  • You will play an active role in the strategic policy and vision of HOGENT and Howest and translate and integrate the mission and strategic plan at the level of the School of Arts.
  • You will be responsible for the balanced deployment of people and resources, with particular attention to proportionality between the various disciplines and core tasks.
  • You will position KASK & Conservatorium with respect to the School of Arts both nationally and internationally, within the framework set out by the Flemish government for higher education in arts and vis-à-vis the field of arts as a whole.
  • You will remain alert as to developments in higher education in arts, in the field of art and design and in society as a whole, and constantly test the current way of working against these. You will evaluate and steer where necessary.
  • You will ensure that KASK & Conservatorium, School of Arts of HOGENT and Howest works according to the principles of sustainability, diversity and fair practice.

Staff, students and internal organisation of KASK & Conservatorium

  • You will lead the team of coordinators within the deanery, heads of department and educational committee heads who oversee the operational processes and internal coordination.
  • You will be responsible, in conjunction with the Board of the School of Arts, for the day-to-day operations of KASK & Conservatorium.
  • You will ensure that KASK & Conservatorium develops further as an organisation. You will ensure that resources are properly utilised so that students and staff can grow along with the organisation.
  • You are an arbitrator, a leader and coach, and ensure that students and staff can develop within a dynamic academic culture.
  • You inspire and motivate, and go by the principle of valuing staff. You focus on caring for students and staff, and encouraging them to participate

How the role ties in to HOGENT and Howest

  • You will represent the School of Arts within HOGENT and Howest, the universities that KASK & Conservatorium forms part of, and ensure alignment with their strategic goals.
  • You will build a professional working relationship with colleagues from the other departments, central management and support services.
  • You will negotiate the agreements under which KASK & Conservatorium works with the universities it forms part of.
  • You will take care of the relationship with the Board of the School of Arts, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board of HOGENT and the Management Committee of Howest.
  • You will consult and report to the Board of the School of Arts, the Executive Board of HOGENT and the Management Committee of Howest on the strategy, policy and results of the School of Arts.
  • You will actively involve the various levels of management in the operations of KASK & Conservatorium and enable them to be ambassadors for the School of Arts.

Representation to external stakeholders

  • You will be the face of KASK & Conservatorium and the point of contact for the strategic partners in the higher education landscape, in the arts sector, in the field of academia and design education, nationally and internationally. You will maintain and strategically build this regional and international network.
  • You will represent KASK & Conservatorium in the various consulting bodies, steering and working groups (Flemish Council of University Colleges, art working group etc.).
  • You will look after relations with the relevant government partners.
  • You will build on the staff’s expertise and networks.


  • You will contribute to the careful management of resources.
  • You will ensure transparency in terms of setting up plans and utilising resources among the universities, government bodies, and the internal community of staff and students.
  • You will align the allocation of resources with the key tasks and policies of KASK & Conservatorium.

Knowledge and skills

  • You have a passion for art and art education. You are aware of the power and dynamics of the various players and sub-sectors.
  • Taking a helicopter view, you are able to set up specific plans and projects within the framework of KASK & Conservatorium’s strategic goals, in conjunction with the entire team of management, staff and students.
  • You have expertise in arts and cultural policy and/or in higher education policy.
  • You are familiar with current debates on diversity, inclusion and decolonisation and develop a vision for the role of the School of Arts within a highly diverse society in constant flux.
  • You have demonstrable experience in coaching and leadership, showing consideration for people and resources.
  • You have a financial and analytical mind.
  • You are a team player, believe in cooperation and know that an individual can do better as part of a strong team.
  • You are a networker. You connect people, visions and goals.
  • You believe in a healthy culture of debate and create room for critique, but always with respect and attention for diversity and with a view to the objectives of the organisation and policies.
  • You have experience in chairing meetings with an eye for the right agenda and participants, involvement in meetings, reaching conclusions and following up agreements.
  • You are a strong and clear communicator.
  • You are prepared to work flexibly.

Applications and selection procedure

You may apply for this vacancy up to and including 6 July 2021, only through hogent.be/vacatures, by providing your curriculum vitae and a motivation letter. Please specify as clearly as possible your periods of employment in your CV (with precise start and end dates).

Only complete applications submitted on time will be considered.

HOGENT and KASK & Conservatorium wish to reflect the society they work for in the best possible way. Candidates are selected on the basis of their qualities and skills, irrespective of gender, origin or disability.

A selection committee will test all applications against the profile of the role according to the selection procedure described below.

The selection procedure includes several stages:

1. Eligibility of the application based on the entry requirements for this vacancy.
2. Pre-selection of applications: evaluation of the applications declared eligible, based on the entry requirements as stated in this job description.
3. A (possible) pre-selection interview: only if more than 5 candidates meet the requirements
4. An interview round without eliminations, with a group of 5 participants drawn from various segments of the School of Arts
5. An assessment
6. One or more selection interviews

The selection interviews are scheduled for August-September.

The selection of the Head of Department of the School of Arts (dean) and the appointment to the post will be decided by the Board, on the advice of the selection committee.

Term of office

Role at the level of Head of Department

We are offering a full-time (100%) vacancy, to start no earlier than the beginning of the new academic year.

The term of office is initially for a period of one academic year with the potential to extend based on a positive evaluation. From the third consecutive academic year, this post may, on the basis of a positive evaluation, be converted to a permanent post, with a view to appointment.

Salary package

You will be remunerated at pay grade A+. More details on wage scales can be found at ond.vlaanderen.be.

In addition to public sector seniority, private sector seniority may also be taken into account. Seniority will be allocated on the basis of employment certificates and after examining the application.

For the duration of the term of office of Head of Department of the School of Arts, you will receive an additional consideration for the post, which is 20% higher than the salary you would earn if you did not occupy the post of dean.

We also cover the cost of commuting by public transport or provide a bicycle allowance, offer attractive sports facilities, an appealing holiday arrangement and a staff ID card with extra benefits.


For practical and technical questions regarding the selection procedure and your status, please contact Joeri Proot (joeri.proot@hogent.be).

Participatory Process

Writing a profile for dean was a participatory process in which all staff and students were invited to provide feedback and alternative proposals. During the thinking exercise, a number of sections of the school made proposals which you can read here. From all these notes, the final vacancy text and also the selection procedure and underlying regulations were distilled in consultation.