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26.10.21—19:30    Book presentation: Electric Brine - Jennifer Teets Campus Bijloke - Cirque

KIOSK is proud to announce the Belgian presentation of Jennifer Teets’ recent publication Electric Brine.

Jennifer Teets is a curator and researcher based in Paris, she will introduce us to the research that proceeded the making of the book in a lecture that is taking place at Cirque Auditorium on October 26th at 19:30 (Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Ghent).

Flowing, seeping, leaking, cascading, shaping. Electric Brine is a selection of poetry and critical essays written by women from diverse fields such as literature, geography, media studies, history of life sciences, sociology, and poetics of science and fiction. The literary and scientific fabulations these women create speak of embodiment, language, and the ability to trigger political imagination through reading, writing and witnessing.

Electric Brine was co-edited by Elise Hunchuck and Margarida Mendes. All visuals have been designed by Sophie Keij, Atelier Brenda.

The book features contributions by Dionne Brand, Barbara Orland, Sophie Lewis, Esther Leslie, Hannah Landecker and Lisa Robertson. Published by Archive Books, Berlin.

  • Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Gent, free