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04.05.19—19:00    GAME on Les Nuits du Beau Tas festival Le Lac

On May 4th, GAME teams up with the composer Christophe Guiraud (Sub Rosa), flutist André-Marc Delcourt and singer Patricia Capdevielle to create the version of " Kleiste Ta Matia III » for 2 violins, cello, contrabass flute, voice and electronics. The performance will take place at Le Lac (Witte de Haelenstraat 36, 1000 Brussels), within Les Nuits du Beau Tas, a Brussels new/alternative music festival.


Christophe Guiraud - Kleiste Ta Matia III
performed by Patricia Capdevielle (voice),  André-Marc Delcourt (cbflute), Christophe Guiraud (electronics) and GAME :  Anna Jalving, Clara Levy (violins), Sinouhé Gilot (cello), Mar Sala Romagosa (flute)

Karl Naegelen - Aa Duo
performed by Deux : Anna Jalving, Clara Levy (violins)

Toma Gouband (percussions)
Singing Stones performance

Anastasia Guével (dance/choreography)
danced counterpoint to Gilles Deleuze’s Abécédaire