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09.10—28.11.21    Jakob Van den Broucke - Learning how to swim + reading a treatise on swimming = ? KIOSK

KIOSK invites you to the opening of Jakob Van den Broucke's first solo exhibition on October 9th 2021: Learning how to swim + reading a treatise on swimming = ? The title of the exhibition derives from Heidegger: "One does not learn how to swim by reading a treatise on swimming". It contains a thought exercise that Jakob Van den Broucke applies within his own artistic practice.

In the morning Jakob Van den Broucke reads De Witte Raaf, followed by selfhelp books later during the day. The self-taught artist views art as a kind of idiosyncratic schooling. In the side space of KIOSK, he will display a collection of works, stemming from protocols. Expect a lot of 'how to...' constructions. In the exhibition, he also presents work of fellow artists who activated some of his protocols. Read the interview with Van den Broucke to learn more about his practice.

The show is on view everyday (Mon-Sun, 12-6PM) from October 9th until November 28th, 2021. You are also welcome to see/experience Making Kin 3.0, the solo exhibition by Anne Duk Hee Jordan in the main space of KIOSK.

  • Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Gent, free