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22.04.21—20:00    KASK lecture Lily van der Stokker Online lecture

Since the 1980s, Lily van der Stokker has been making difficult art that looks easy. Colourful drawings and murals, works of art that speak directly to the viewer and take the position of women - or their own 'creation' - as their subject. With sentences like 'calm down, don't worry everything will be alright' or 'cheap artworks easy to understand, we also sell socks' in colourful clouds, with colour-paper-like flowers she seduces the viewer, while her text is sharp and makes one think; what will be alright? And should the artist make easy, manageable art?

After the glory days of pop art and conceptual art, manifest feminism and the pre-days of the 'dark 80s', Van der Stokker presents herself with a radical sound of her own. Female' art, or themes, that provoke by not conforming to the prevailing standards of good taste. Drawings that ask questions about womanhood and artistry. Is it possible to show a failed painting? And as a woman, do you choose between a career and motherhood? By introducing words like 'kind', 'good' and 'kiss' into her works, the viewer is led astray and perhaps a little defied. The works, which look sweet and silly, turn out to be a layered whole with references to art history and reflections on ethics and aesthetics. If everydayness and the mainstream is the new avant-garde, Lily van der Stokker is without a doubt one of the last avant-gardists. 

Lily van der Stokker's work is appreciated internationally. Her work has been exhibited at the Centre Pompidou (Paris), Tate (London), New Museum (New York), Hammer Museum (Los Angeles) and the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), among others.


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