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29.04.21—20:00    KASK lecture Marlie Mul Online lecture

Marlie Mul creates sculptures, works in textiles, paintings and makes printed editions and publications, such as the zine ground (2018). As an emerging artist, she was offered her first solo exhibition in Scotland in 2017, and specifically at the prestigious GoMa (The Gallery of Modern Art) in Glasgow. A great opportunity, but one that soon turns out to be more complicated than previously thought. Things escalate to such an extent that Mul finds herself with her back against the wall and has to decide whether she wants to show her work at GoMa at all. A dilemma, because the choices are limited; on the one hand, as an artist you want to grasp every opportunity you get, but at the same time you want to draw the line. Mul chooses to cancel the exhibition. Cancelled, as the project will be called, will replace the exhibition as it was planned and 'show' a seemingly empty room; only with images of the still empty scale model of the museum as it stood in her studio. The cancellation of the exhibition is exhibited and a success (!!) the expo attracts at least 108,000 visitors and gains international attention. In addition to this success, the project is the inspiration for the zine ground (made in collaboration with writer Harry Burke), - a magazine in which she takes a critical look at institutions. It’s the inspiration for a publication about the project and until today the inspiration for new projects and initiatives. In this lecture, Mul will elaborate on Cancelled, discussing her artistic strategies, the lessons she drew from this experience and how she looks back on this surreal project.  

Marlie Mul has exhibited internationally at venues including: Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art (Warsaw, PL), the Biennial of Graphic Arts (Ljubljana, SL), Istituto Svizzero (Rome, IT), 49 Nord 6 Est-FRAC Lorraine (Metz, FR), Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna, AT), Kunsthalle Bern (Bern, SW), Fridericianum (Kassel, DE) 9th Berlin Biennial (DE), Taipei Biennial (Taiwan), Swiss Institute (New York, USA), ICA (London, UK), Sculpture Center (New York, USA), Ballroom Marfa (Texas, USA). Marlie Mul is head of the MFA Work.Master at HEAD (Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design) in Geneva.

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© Marlie Mul

© Marlie Mul