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03.05.19—19:00    MIRY Chamber music: Nemø ensemble —SPLINTERS Campus Bijloke concert

Fifteen members of the Nemø Ensemble are taking over the Bijloke campus. They will be setting out their instruments, as well as megaphones, rattling subwoofers, gas masks that give off light and virtual reality headsets. There is a real chance that you will not be hearing the sounds of that odd collection of instruments from close by. You will be wandering around in a gigantic backstage, with musicians getting ready, piles of decor and costumes lying about, and at regular intervals, somebody somewhere will be playing music. Everyone hears something different. The whole area becomes a collective working space in which both musicians and listeners are searching....

  • Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 GENT, € 20/15/15/0