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08.03.17—20:00    MIRY Contemporary: Giusy Caruso - ReOrient MIRY Concert Hall concert

Giusy Caruso is Italian, but this sparkling young musician is looking eastwards. Her ReOrient research includes dance-associated selections from Jacques Charpentier's 72 Etudes Karnatiques, inspired by South Indian ragas. Immersing herself in India's Carnatic musical tradition, Caruso asks what, then, is the impact of a Western training? Is authenticity possible? Caruso’s is a reorientation of significance, in which dancers, musicians and audiences all lose track of the North Star.


  • Giusy Caruso, piano
  • Ayla Joncheere, choreography and dance
  • Sandeep Kalathimekkad, voice


  • Jacques Charpentier (1933) - A selection from 72 Etudes Karnatiques

This concert is the final part of Giusy Caruso's Phd research project.

  • Koninklijk Conservatorium / School of Arts in co-operation with IPEM
  • Biezekapelstraat 9, 9000 Gent, €10 /€5 / 0