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25.04.19—20:00    MIRY Keyboard: Fabian Coomans —Reich, Ligeti & Berio MIRYconcertzaal concert

Pianist Fabian Coomans likes a challenge. For example, playing Steve Reich’s Piano Phase, intended for two pianists, all by himself. Both hands play the same, repeating motif. It’s just that, millisecond by millisecond, one hand picks up the pace, generating a shift. Luftklavier, by Luciano Berio, and Musica Ricercata nr. 7 by György Ligeti also demand comparable virtuoso independence of the two hands. In addition, Piano Phase can also be seen as a contrapuntal work, in which one can also envision the work Eventail (étude nr. 4) by Laurent Pigeolet: expanding lines that travel in opposite directions. Finally, in Eden, a composition by Coomans himself, the pianist and composer muses on the phenomenon of ight, a word whose Latin translation is not coincidentally fuga.

  • Biezekapelstraat 9, 9000 GENT, € 20/15/15/0