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12.12.19—20:00    MIRY KEYS: Frederik Croene & Timo Van Luijk MIRY Concertzaal concert

Following Voile au Vent and Fortune de Mer, Ipnopedion (sleeping field) is Timo van Luijk & Frederik Croene’s third LP, the first they present live. It is based on a found soundtrack of a hypnotized Italian soldier, muttering about being kidnapped by extraterrestrials. The tempo and tone of his speech is slow and beseeching – nearly musical. Croene and Van Luijk each separately dubbed the recording, without knowing what was being said. The two semi-synchronized recordings are spatialized live, as a setting for Croene’s piano and Van Luijks subtle processing of effects.

  • Biezekapelstraat 9, 9000 GENT, € 20 / € 15 (red.) / €5 (-26) / € 0