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24.02.20—20:30    Cancelled - MIRY solorecital: Agnès Clement MIRY Concertzaal concert

!!! Due to illness we have to cancel the concert of Agnès Clément. Our ticket office will contact if you had booked a ticket!!!

Agnès Clement is just 30, but she has been a solo artist for the Orkest van de Munt for six years. Distinctions and awards mark a whirlwind career that has seen the most famed of stages. Her MIRY debute follows Carnegie Hall (wink wink). Her recent CD, Le Rossignol en Amour, reveals her multifaceted talents with music from Couperin to Liszt to Hindemith. We share one critic’s applause for exquisite technique, as well as the word rafraîchissant.

  • Biezekapelstraat 9, 9000 GENT, € 20 / € 15 (red.) / €5 (-26) / € 0