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08.11.18—20:00    MIRY Solorecital: Raphael Vanoli —Bibrax MIRYconcertzaal concert

If you can hear a pin drop, there are two possibilities. Either it is very quiet, or the pin is electronically amplified. This led guitarist Raphael Vanoli to reconsider low volumes. He retreated into the silence of a French monastery and reemerged with a new nine part work that consists mainly of sounds that you would otherwise not be able to hear. Like the Celtic village of Bibrax, Vanoli's sound study of the same name is difficult to pinpoint. Acoustic delicacies from a haunted house or the loudest whisper in the world?

  • Biezekapelstraat 9, 9000 GENT, € 20/15/15/0