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04.02.18—11:00    MIRY Sundays: Anna Pardo Canedo & Sandra Lammens MIRY Concertzaal concert

In 2016, it was exactly a century after the death of the symbolic poet, Emile Verhaeren. Soprano Anna Pardo Canedo and pianist Sandra Lammens proposed marking that anniversary with a programme that they recorded for CD in the MIRY. French­-Belgian songs from the belle époque were mixed with more recent exploits from close to home. Bert De Rycke and Evert Bogaert both studied at the Ghent Conservatory. Their work is included alongside such obvious names as Debussy and Satie, as well as the lesser­known Trois poêmes d’Emile Verhaeren by Fernand Carion. The pres­ence of trombonist Roel Smedts makes us anticipate the evening all the more.

  •     N. Boulanger (1887­-1979) & R. Pugno (1852­-1914) -  Les heures claires
  •     J. Jongen (1873­-1953) - Les pauvres & Aria et polonaise
  •     C. Debussy (1862-­1918) - Les ariettes oubliées, Beau soir & Pagodes
  •     F. Carion (1908­-1960) - Trois poèmes d’Émile Verhaeren, op. 28
  •     B. De Rycke (1993) - Minuit Blanc
  •     E. Bogaert (1983) Éclate en oraisons & Chanson de fou 1
  •     E. Satie (1866­-1925) - La diva de l’empire & Je te veux
  • Biezekapelstraat 9, 9000 GENT,