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22.10.20—18:00    Post*-Comics book presentation, exhibition opening, performance and lecture Kunstenbibliotheek

Book launch of “Post-Comics: beyond comics, illustration and the graphic novel” (Sébastien Conard ed., KASK & het balanseer 2020) at Kunstenbibliotheek at 6 pm, briefly introducing the necessity of such a publication... Why post-comics?!

The presentation is immediately followed by a printing performance: Olivier Deprez and Roby Comblain will performatively print and present a woodcut from their HOLZ-project. Printing and displaying on ultralight Japanese paper, the printing process becomes more of a choreography and a silent show to watch, stressing the social, human affinities between the two artists, proceeding as the two executors of a rehearsed set of printing acts.

After the performance, everyone is kindly invited to join the KASK lecture by Tom Lambeens (author, artist, teacher and graphic designer) dealing with the notions of clarity and the non-insightful within modern(ist) imagery, from Turner, Constable and Corot or London's Crystal Palace to the advent of cinema (Murnau, Renoir, Wilder) as a medium emerging from the (opaque) aquatic surfaces... Lambeens will delve into the pictorial conditions of modernity.

That same evening, three exhibitions will open:

  • (1) Linh Dong brings together the various oeuvres discussed in the “Post-Comics” publication in one custom made installation in the BOEKS corridor leading to the library;
  • (2) the Cellarium will be filled with works developed in the project Studio “Post-Practices” by Chiara Becce, Suzy De Laere, Ieva Liba Ratniece and Adelina Rosseel (bachelor students from Graphic Design, Illustration and Printmaking)
  • (3) the 1m3 book exhibition “Each Line is an Axis of the World” by Ilan Manouach & Sébastien Conard, displaying a fine selection of books from our library's special collection of artist's publications.

The “Post-Comics” publication will be available at Kunstenbibliotheek, who will also display many publications by the participating artists and authors. The book is also purchasable through het balanseer. You can visit the three exhibitions until November 27th.

Evening program

  • 18:00:
    Book launch of the “Post-Comics” publication and opening of the accompanying scenography by Linh Dong @ Kunstenbibliotheek corridor, BOEKS
    Opening “Post-Comics / Post-Practices exhibition” by bachelors Graphic Design, Printmaking and Illustration @ Kunstenbibliotheek, Cellarium
    Opening 1M3 by Ilan Manouach & Sébastien Conard @ Entrance hall Pauli
  • 18:30: printing performance by Olivier Deprez & Roby Comblain @ Kunstenbibliotheek
  • 20:00: KASK lecture by Tom Lambeens @ Cirque

*Can an art form become what it is not? Can the comic strip or graphic novel, for example, develop into 'something else' in this fluid ‘post-comic’ age? This question nourished the 'post-comics' project that culminated at KASK in a reflective research publication, an exhibition, a project studio with the second and third Bachelor of Graphic Design, lectures and a performance with and by the involved artists. All this can be seen in the BOEKS Corridor, in the 1M3 and in the Kunstenbibliotheek.

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