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15.01.18—20:00    Southern dreams —Ann Cnop, Jeroen Billiet, Sergei Istomin & Luc Devos MIRY Concertzaal concert

That the warming of the Earth needs to be stopped is something that the masters of the School of Arts can agree on, but their southern programme on this January day could certainly be called ‘warm for the time of year’. A compos­er with a name like Joaquín Turina naturally had Spain in the blood. The Belgian Auguste Dupont just had his first name to count on. But they still sought inspiration in the Iberian Peninsula, more specifically in its barcarole. The Spanish cellist Gaspar Cassadó was in fact the author of a number of successful musical pastiches. That knowledge of early composition techniques came to his aid in his cello sonatas in stile antico spagnuolo. The final word goes to the harlequin, that odd character from the comme­ dia dell’arte. Francis Thomé, who hailed from the island of Mauritius, brings him to the stage in sparkling ballet music.

  • Biezekapelstraat 9, 9000 GENT, €15/10/0