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24.10.18—20:00    MIRY Kamermuziek: Trio Khaldei —Prokofiev & Sjostakovitsj MIRYconcertzaal concert

Prokofiev and Shostakovich were not the best friends during their lifetime. On stage, however, their work lives on in perfect harmony. Prokofiev is represented by two of his duos that are played far too little. Shostakovich on the other hand gives us his youthful first trio and his captivating second one, which was written during the Second World War and in a confrontation with the death of his friend Ivan Sollertinsky. So then. Which gap is bigger? The one between the two trios or the one between the two gentlemen? In any case, they are some of Trio Khaldei's favourite pieces and therefore the excellent repertoire for their first CD recording in 2017.