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24.03—27.03.16    TUMULTINGENT #4 @KASK – The Green Room Campus Bijloke – Zwarte Zaal

During TUMULTINGENT #4 the Zwarte Zaal will function both as a space for work and exhibition; a green room, both stage and back-stage. The title is taken from the television and theater world, referring to the space where artists get together before and after their performance.

The Green Room presents itself as a script with different presentations of work of twenty young artists, students and alumni. Seven exhibitions spread over four exhibition days will inhabit four different exits and entrances. The program of what is about to happen will be communicated on the day of the event.

The Green Room presents work by Henry Andersen, Tineke Bacqué, Jolijn Baeckelandt, Jens Burez, Magali Delbeke, Diego Latruwe, Ciska L'Ecluse, Ronny Franceschini, Simon Malotaux, Emilie Neyt, Jan Panev, Joanna Reuse, Justine Sarlat, Pauline Spira, Rawiruj Suradin, Maxime Thys, Jonas Vanderbeke, Fenna Van Espen, Olivia Van Impe & Ezra Veldhuis.

The Green Room is organized and designed by Marthe Coolens, Rachelle Dufour, Lore Horré, Elies Van Renterghem & Mira Verstraeten, in dialogue with the artists.

  • 24.03 – 26.03.16 – 10:00-22:00
  • 27.03.16 – 10:00-18:00
Mira Verstraeten en Marthe Coolens

Mira Verstraeten en Marthe Coolens