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Call for projects: Reclaiming the School round 2 (06.10.20)

Before the summer break, KASK & Conservatorium launched a project call to students and staff to encourage them to take relevant initiatives in our school within the current pandemic. The research council gave the green light for the following three projects: 

  • Reclaiming the digital infrastructure, contactpersoon: Peter Westenberg
  • Garden Happenings, contactpersoon: Godart Bakkers
  • Afternoon Tea, contactpersonen: Laura Martens, Joram Decocker, Zoe Pecqueux

Read more about the approved projects here.

KASK & Conservatory will use the remaining €20.000  for a second call for applications. The remaining budget of In order to further strengthen the existing potential of our school and help give students and teachers maximum potential for taking our school back into their own hands, we are launching a second call for Reclaiming the School. In doing so, KASK & Conservatory wish to structurally support beneficial creative ideas from teachers and students about how education in the arts and a school of arts can enthuse and inspire, and offer structural support even in times of virus.

All staff members and students can submit project proposals, individually or as groups. A wide diversity of approaches is of course possible: pedagogical, practical, organizational, communications or community-oriented, and so on.

These projects will be launched during the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year, around december 2020. These projects do not necessarily have to be completed after a few weeks or even a single semester. Indeed, we want to focus on sustainable projects that offer lasting added value in the longer term, perhaps also in post-corona times. In addition, it makes sense for the projects to be broadly deployable. Their relevance should reach beyond the individual needs of students (their own artistic practices) or teachers (specific obstacles within certain subjects). But we are also open to small-scale projects that may also be applied in other parts of the school at a later stage.

Proposals in response to this call can be submitted until November 6, 2020. Projects can start mid december, 2020. The final selection of projects to be funded will take place in the course of September. Applicants will be notified of the results no later than the end of September.

Applications should be submitted by e-mail to