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Collaborate on a new student zine WHAT I’M BUSY WITH (24.11.20)

Students of autnomous design launch an open call to collaborate on a new zine, WHAT I'M BUSY WITH.

We are each given the same number of hours each day, to spend or squander as we do.
explores the ways in which we as art students occupy our time.
This is an open call to all students at KASK & Conservatorium to show others and connect with each other as a means to inspire one another, which feels more urgent now than ever as we are increasingly forced into physical isolation.

Take an A3 size piece of paper and fill it in any way you please.
For those working in non-visual work or work that requires a computer to appreciate, feel free to simply write a link to a web address.

THerE aRE nO rULeS

The zine will be in Black and White photocopy folded in half (A4).
All submissions will be included and every student who submits will receive a free stapled copy of the zine. A digital PDF will also be made available for download.

Send a JPG/PDF scan of you A3 paper to:

Please also include your name, department of study, and email address for the glossary of contributors.

Deadline is: December 1, 2020

Print Zine available for pickup: December 15, 2020