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Code Red from 30 November (04.11.20)

Minister of Education Ben Weyts gives the higher education institutions permission to switch to code red from Monday 30 November. This means that from that day, one day earlier than initially communicated, we will be allowed to reorganise education on campus.

We are very pleased with this decision: it allows us to welcome you back on campus IRL. However, the current situation remains risky and we urge you to strictly follow all applicable safety regulations on campus and on the way there. Preventing contamination is crucial to protect yourself and your fellow students but also to ensure the continuity of physical education.

Colour code red will apply until the Christmas recess.


General agreements 

  • The timetables remain unchanged during this period, but the educational activities continue online. The teachers will inform you about the concrete approach they propose for the digital version. 
  • We provide silent study places on the campuses from 16 November. You can contact STUVO via 
  • We will create a number of individual study places on the campuses in the coming days for those who cannot work at home (e.g. a piano student who does not have a piano at home). The concrete approach will be further coordinated with the heads of the department committees and programme coordinators. 
  • The project week of November 9th can either be fully digital or cancelled, or - in consultation with you – substituted by other digital educational activities.  At the latest on November 6, your teachers will inform you about the planned activities.  
  • The internships and arts in practice activities can continue in consultation with the internship provider and provided that your health and safety can be guaranteed at all times. 
  • Evaluation moments can be digitally organized or may be postponed. 
  • Our artistic activities on campus are cancelled. Streaming activities from our buildings are not possible. 

Access to the buildings 

The 'soft-close' regime applies to all our buildings: 

  • The buildings of KASK & Conservatorium are closed to students and external parties.  
  • Reception, libraries and lending services are closed. From 9 November, Students can pick up material from the lending service by appointment. 
  • The course service is available by appointment from 12 November on. Send an email to to make arrangements about when and how you can get your course in a coronaproof way.


Main artistic practice on campus

Only the main artistic practice will be organised on campus from next week onwards. In the course of the next few days, the teachers involved will continue to communicate about the practical arrangements. Most of the activities will take place the way they did in colour code orange. The class schedules remain the same.

Buildings will reopen

Our campuses and buildings reopen in colour code red during normal opening hours. We also resume the evening and weekend arrangements. What activities can take place on campus?

  • Attending the educational activities that are again allowed to take place physically.
  • The lending services are operational.
  • The libraries are accessible by appointment. Book a time slot in advance via ASIMUT. Based on your reservation, you will be allocated a numbered place in the library. You can reserve a maximum of 2 times 1 hour per day. The Kunstenbibliotheek offers 10 places per hour. The Conservatorium library has 5 places per hour.
  • The student restaurant on the Bijloke campus provides take-away meals. The student restaurant in the Wijnaert will remain closed, as will the KASKcafé and MIRYcafé.
  • The student's office is open during office hours. You can pick up courses and syllabi.
  • Students who are unable to study in suitable conditions at home can still use a study place at school. For more information about this, please contact your study and learning track counsellor.

Internships and extramural courses

  • Extramural activities are not possible.
  • Internships and Arts in Practice projects can take place in accordance with applicable legislation and agreements with the external partner.

Examination period January

We are currently looking at how to organise the January examination period. In order to make as few last-minute changes as possible, we will use as much remote evaluation as possible. Only a limited number of exams will be organised on campus. The examination schedule will be communicated in detail within two weeks at the latest.

Contact tracing, quarantine and notification of infection

The fact that we are allowed back on campus does not mean that the virus is gone. It remains extremely important to follow the measures strictly: keep a distance, wear a quality mouth mask, wash your hands regularly, ensure adequate ventilation and disinfect the work surfaces.

The HOGENT corona tracing system Savitas enables us to react fast when necessary. Use it as much as possible.

Reporting quarantine and infections also remains important. Are you infected, do you have coronary symptoms or is someone in your immediate vicinity infected? Report the infection (if any) as soon as possible with this form.