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Ives Maes in residency at Woning Van Wassenhove (26.10.15)

Museum Dhondt-Daenes starts a new residency program in the restored Van Wassenhove House, built by architect Julian Lampens. The first temporary resident is Ives Maes, fine arts teacher and researcher at KASK / School of Arts Ghent.
Ives Maes is a visual artist who uses photography as a medium. He is currently working on a PhD research on the physical, sculptural and architectural aspects of photography. This is elaborated in a discursive section entitled "The Architecture of Photography" and a practical section entitled "Sunville". Sunville is an experimental series of photographs of sculptures and photographic installations over the village Zonhoven.

The residency of Ives Maes is organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of UGent.