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Joost Rekveld, researcher at KASK, opens Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival with his film #67 (24.02.17)

The 2017 Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Scotland’s international festival dedicated to experimental film and artists’ moving image, will open on Thursday 2nd March with the Artists’ Filmmaking Symposium; a unique event that has proven very successful the past four years. The festival is open to all and aimed at both aspiring and established filmmakers or artists working within moving image.

The Symposium features talks and presentations by revered filmmakers and leading industry figures. Opening the Symposium with his film '#67', Joost Rekveld, researcher at KASK, will explain for the first time what his research is all about. He will be accompanied by artists Patricia Pisters, Violaine Boutet de Monvel, Jacques Perconte, Erin Espelie and Ruth Jarman.

This year’s Symposium theme ‘Alchemical Visions’ seeks to explore the idea of alchemy with the making and viewing of films. Alchemy is known as the great art of transformation, working with source material, technical apparatus, process-based experimentation, defined stages of transformation and the art of projection. Many artists develop their own tools as part of the development of their aesthetic language. This process can be compared to the mutual transformations of devices, procedures, concepts and the scientists themselves that occur in laboratory experiments. From this comparison, a vision emerges on the relationship between humans and their technology as an exploratory dialogue that combines deductive and inductive types of reasoning.