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No strings attached; Exploring the relation between ethnography and contemporary arts (08.10.15)

A selection of partners from Brussels and Ghent join hands for a two-day symposium about the relation between anthropology and contemporary (audio)visual art and the many forms in which art can present itself today. We zoom in on our hyper-diverse society in which different generations, age groups, communities and people with different habits live together. In what way does art connect these generations and communities—on a journey through time and across borders? We introduce a series of artist talks by international makers and offer time to view their work. How does one capture people, communities and evolving landscapes on camera with respect and integrity? What does it mean to ‘do’ anthropology in a time of superdiversity?

The symposium is organised by SoundImage Culture (SIC), KASK-School of Arts Ghent, Beursschouwburg, Ghent University, Platform 0090, LUCA School of Arts - campus Sint-Lukas Brussels, Argos - Centre for Art and Media and deBuren. It is also art of the research project 'China Girls and the Color Genie. A multichronotopic research' by An van Dienderen.

28.10.2015 – 29.10.2015 – 10:00-17:30 BEURSCHOUWBURG
€20/day - €35/2 days - lunch included - Register via

© Alexis Destoop

© Alexis Destoop