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Pause button from 29 October and code red from 12 November (27.10.20)

Following the decision of the Flemish Government on 27 October, HOGENT is also adjusting its operation. By reducing the activities on the campuses even further, we help to reduce mobility and contacts.

The city of Ghent decided that the measures announced by the Flemish government will be implemented sooner in the city of Ghent. Instead of Friday evening, the measures will take effect at 28 October, midnight in Ghent. For KASK & Conservatorium, this means that the period in which we will be going completely digital will not start on Friday evening, but as early as midnight tonight. Your teachers will tell you whether the physical lessons scheduled for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will continue digitally or will exceptionally be cancelled.

Pick-up your belongings on campus on October 29 & 30

Tomorrow and friday the campuses will still be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., albeit not for educational activities, but so that students and staff can pick up any personal material they need. We ask you not to stay on campus any longer than necessary and to respect the usual safety measures. Furthermore, all agreements announced below will remain in force.

Digital from 31 October to 11 November

From Saturday 31 October to Wednesday 11 November KASK & Conservatorium will go completely digital. This means that no activity can take place on the campuses. This period should make it possible to slow down the infections so that the educational activities can resume in better conditions afterwards. Over the past few weeks, the high number of infections and quarantines have severely hampered physical educational activities.

The timetables remain unchanged during this period, although educational activities will continue online. We ask lecturers to inform their students about the concrete approach they propose for the digital variant.

The project week of 9 November will be adjusted where necessary in the spirit of the new measures. More information will follow.

Code red from 12 November on

From 12 November we will switch to code red. This means that activities on campus will be kept to a minimum. This code red is valid until the Christmas holidays. This means:

  • In colour code red we will continue to focus on your main practice, like in code orange. If additional measures are required compared to the situation in code orange, your teachers will inform you about this at the latest in the course of next week.
  • Extra muros activities can no longer take place.
  • Internships can continue in consultation with the internship provider and provided that the student's health and safety can be guaranteed at all times.
  • The libraries remain open but only by appointment. Digital service will also be offered. The concrete working method will be announced on the website of the Kunstenbibliotheek in the coming days.
  • We will again make quiet study areas accessible to students. More details will follow soon.
  • The student restaurants will continue to work in take-away service, but will be closed from 31 October till 12 November. MIRY café and KASKcafé will remain closed until further notice.
  • All culture houses are obliged to close their doors until at least 20 November. Our artistic projects (MIRY Concert Hall, KASKcinema, KIOSK, etc.) follow the regulations of the culture sector. This means that our concerts, film programming, exhibitions, public lectures, etc. will also be cancelled or go online during this period. Whether this also applies until the Christmas holidays because of code red on our campuses will be reviewed in the coming days.

These measures once again call for flexibility and resilience. We are aware of this and are doing everything we can to support you as much as possible. Please do not hesitate to send your questions or concerns to Of course, you can always contact your study programme counsellor.

Together we can do this.
Stay safe and take care