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Reclaiming the School: selected projects from the first round (06.10.20)

Before the summer break, KASK & Conservatorium launched a project call to students and staff to encourage them to take relevant initiatives in our school within the current pandemic. The research council has selected the next three projects:

Reclaiming the digital infrastructure

Autonomous design and vzw Constant question the online tools used by our school and look for alternatives that safeguard participation, collectivity, creativity and discussion. As a school we have to be critical of our own interaction with them. What is the social contribution we promote by using these tools? How does this help students develop an independent, creative artistic practice? If the school goes online, 'reclaiming the school' also means ‘reclaiming digital infrastructure'.

Contact: (teacher)

Garden Happenings

In a collaboration between colleagues of curatorial studies, fine arts and landscape and garden architecture with among others Komplot and Netwerk, the role, meaning and possibilities of the garden in art and art education will be examined. How the outdoor space can be used as a studio/workspace is the central question. 

Contact: (teacher)


A light meal served between 5 and 6 o’clock. Every other week we invite a guest, preferably between 5 and 6 o’clock on a Thursday afternoon. All the guests are various people from within the art field. They will serve us a light meal in the form of a lecture. The focus isn’t solely on their own work, but also on stuff that inspires them or that they consider important. Therefore the lecture series will consist of great variety, relevancy and complexity. However always digestible. Everyone is welcome. Our Afternoon Tea space is infinitely big.

Contacts:,, (graphic design students)